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What API do you use for the game? I was trying to use reshade with the game so I could use the border shader for my sinden. I tried Directx and OpenGL. It neither worked for reshade. Thanks!

ok I got to admit my ignorance I have absolutely no idea what API the game uses I made it with Scirra's construct 2 I been googling construct 2 API but can't seem to get an answer.


I played your game:

oh thanks, bro

A really fun game! The gameplay is very satisfying. The only thing I can think of is adding a volume slider or volume settings.

thanks, man that is easy enough to do I will include it in a future update I am taking a small break from working on it right now due to burnout.

Hey there! I have made a gameplay review video for your game as asked before, the game is really fun, and it gives me a sense of nostalgia, such great times. I do have notes here and there, most of them you will find them on the video but I will write some here too. I do need support though with these reviews, by you subscribing to my YouTube channel, you will really help to motivate me to do more of these in the future.

  • Great scoring system you have there! I like it.
  • I didn’t find any problems or issues with your game. All I can say is that I prefer if you can reload using a button like R rather than hiding using Space.

The game reminded me of old golden gaming times, so well done with this one and I wish all the best in your upcoming games! I am going to rate this one higher than I first had in mind :)


thanks man

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That was awesome! I had a great time playing it. Any info on getting a light gun? Also thanks for making infinite continues or else I would have not completed it.


sure buddy you can get the sinden lightgun here
but be warned they take a long time to arrive I ordered mine in august and  mine still has not arrived but I am due to get it in the next few weeks fingers crossed

Ok, that looks like an amazing product, but I wasn't looking to drop $350. I was hoping there would be an adapter of some sort using an older existing device. I suppose the product may eventually get mass produced and much cheaper. Thanks for the info; it's definitely a  promising product.

Made a video


thanks boys


Really cool game! Only thing I can think of that you could add is a stage select since the game is quite long.

sure I can do that. :)
The game is only 1/3rd complete that was only area 1 2 and 3 of stage 1 there is going to be 3 stages

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I was expected this to be terrible being that it was made with construct but its actually pretty good. Like really good better then some real game engine games ive seen

well I am new to game development and c2 seemed to be the simplest to use once this is done I will probably make a sequel in unity 

well you've done a great job


This is awesome, well done!!



Wow a lot of nostalgia in this one. I enjoyed playing this a lot my only gripe is the amount of bullets is pretty small for a handgun. The crazy enemies and the mechanics of time crisis (as well as them damn purple wolverine guys) have really made this a jem!

thanks, man I had multiple people mention the ammo problem I will increase the amount in the next update

game softlocked on the second level

it was outside with the bikes, wasn't it? (goddamit I thought I fixed that bug I am going to have to completely redesign that scene) I am doing an update in a week or so I will fix it then

that was the only problem, the game was really good though. keep up the good work!

well I really want you to see the tank battle at the end of area 3 come back in a week or so I should have fixed it by then

no i reset and finished the game

oh good I put so much goddam work into that boss lol

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I totally love the big intro, cutscenes etc, but maybe I'm just too stupid, but I can't shoot the bad guys. When I hold space, the crosshair is fixed - is that supposed to be that way?. edit, ok, something with reload and the shift key. Sure that pistol must be a lot better.

That's odd I not heard of anyone else encountering this problem.
how was the problem related to the shift key? any information you can give me will help with bug fixing.

I'm not a 100% sure but I guess I had to press right shift to unlock the mouse and being able to shoot with LMB, after keep pressing space. When not pressing space (eg behind the crate) the mouse was freely moveable. By pressing space my sight moved up above the crate, but the crosshair/ mouse would be locked in the last (screen) position, until I pressed shift once, or was it "-", left to the shift key... this was Brave (based on chromium) browser on win10. 


I'm experiencing this as well so don't worry it's not only you. For me the crosshair isn't fixed when I hold down the shift key for 3 seconds. But every time I reload the gun the crosshair fixes again.

yeah, I have test played this game a 1000 times I have no idea what this is or how to fix it....what browser are you using? can you download and try the exe


PERFECTION!! There's no other word that can sum this game up! This made me so happy even though I didn't have the cleanest run. It's made me want to buy a light gun, the mouse and keyboard just isn't the same!


I really enjoyed this game, especially as I spent time playing the original version in the arcades. Makes me wish I had a G-Con45 instead of a mouse!

My only feedback is that the enemies are a lower fidelity sprites than their backgrounds which makes it a littler disorientating to spot where they are and what they're doing - especially on full screen where there are lots of enemies. This game on mobile would be wonderful too - loved the presentation and intro. Well done!

yeah, when I started the game the first thing I drew was the bad guy sprites I went with super simple because I figured it would be better to have super simple sprites with many frames of animation instead of the opposite but as time went on I got better at sprite art and my background got more detailed which lead to the problem of low pixel count badguys with high pixel count background I know I should really start redrawing them all but ........boy howdy that's a lot of work :)

I know exactly what you mean, believe me. I was hesitant to give you that feedback as I have drawn all the pixel art for my game as well! Oof! Looking forward to it though!


Undoubtedly a more than deserved tribute to a Namco classic. You managed to masterfully here. Congratulations.

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Text on your game page is dark on dark so it's hard to read. Game itself? EXCELLENT WORK!  Played all the way through and had a lot of fun with it! Perfect execution of the aesthetic: great choice of sound effects, good pairing of music, good work on the graphics!

Oh, most importantly, I didn't hit a single bug :-)

Thanks for making it playable in-browser!


thanks man the text thing has been fixed