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This is my homage to classic shmups of the 90s
please note
a lot of the sprites are placeholders that will be improved as work on the game continues.

Also, I removed the exes which start from stage 1 and 2 since they no longer reflect the quality of the game and will be improved in later versions



StatusIn development
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Tagsgiga-wing, giga_wing, gigawing, shmup-creator, Shoot 'Em Up


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Played current demo. Liked it so far, it's very dynamic, and with great attention to details. Enjoyed much enemies patterns and how everything moves.

I would note, though. I missed powerup and then most of later time felt underpowered versus most "serious" enemies (that are not popcorn zako).

Oh, and I can definitely feel that you played plenty of classics :)

THANKS BRO I love getting comments on my games.
i keep hearing that about the player feeling under powered I plan to go back and fiddle with the levels once stage 4 is finished.

I am taking a break from working on OMEGA WING until the end of christmas I am currently working on a little lightgun game I wanted to get done by christmas day.

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Hello. Do you need someone to make a soundtrack? i am an amateur musician but i would love to work on a project like this. it would be my first time. I'll give you a link to my track i released a few days ago on soundcloud , so you can decide for yourself. i would of course do this for free cause i have a lot of passion for shmups myself.

here is the link :


thank you for your time. greetings from germany

Sure absolutely that track was great but you have to understand I making this game casually I am currently suffering from long covid so my progress on this game will be intermittant I might make a level then take a month off to work on something else. if you are ok with that then sure email me at theprinceofmarss@gmail.com
and we will discuss it futher
also have you played the game what did you think?

wow. Stage 2 is a great improvement! I had a very good time with it. :) A few adjustment suggestions: weapon upgrades that drop from killed enemies to help increase damage on the boss targets to come would give it a nice sense of progression. With just the base weapons, I had to spend a lot of time and effort to finally kill just one or two of those, and while the challenge was fun, it did start to feel like a slog after a while, and you begin wishing for something with more power. Especially as the ships don't die even after being soaked for quite a while and eventually just leave as the level progresses. That feels like a small failure for the player. 

Don't take that feedback to mean I didn't like it. As I said before, stage 2 is much better and I'm truly excited to see how you progress Omega Wing from here!

thanks, bro I was thinking about weapon powers ups but there was 2 reason I didn't include them.
reason no1 was kind of fell in love with the special weapon and wanted the players to get used to using it all the time and I really enjoyed putting just enough health on the enemy so the player had to get close to the bad guy to power up the weapon so he had to constantly use it to kill them.
buuuut the downside to this of course is that it can make the player feel powerless.

the other reason I didn't give power-ups is more technical I had a problem with killing bosses too quickly. now I can spawn enemies when the boss dies but only the enemies currently to the side of the screen will activate. so if I gave power-ups to the player they might destroy the mid-level boss too quickly.

I shall fiddle with powerups and balancing

anyway again thank you so much for the comment it's REALLY hard to get anyone to notice shmups these days and I hope you enjoy all the new levels I plan on making

This was real fun to play! Some patterns felt weird to me, like the ones the larger enemies at the start throw out with the green, tight waves, but other than that, I think it is great and you gotta make more. You killed it with the train intro and the boss intro, the double boss, the colors and feeling. Feels kind of like it's happening in a sandbox and all the planes are toys.

wow a fan I figured no one would like this game :) Thanks man your praise means alot.
I am taking a short break from game development due to illness I got long covid I am tired and have brain-fog all the dam time.
I must admit I'm not sure if I am going to continue this one I do want to make a shmup but I feel it has to be more original to stand out from the crowd Omega wing was kinda generic.
I quite like the idea of a horizontal shooter set in the

Bermuda triangle where you fight time traveling Nazis and dinosaurs. but like I said I am not doing anything till I feel a little better.

oh one more thing since you liked this game could you play my other 2 games I uploaded to itch.io they are also short arcade games thanks

because of your comment, I made a 2nd stage I am REALLY proud of it and can't wait to hear your feedback.

I enjoyed it, as a proof of concept! It plays well, though it's super basic at present, but that's what proof of concepts are all about. I'd personally like to see where you'd take it from here.

Thanks but what shall I add to improve the game? I can add more background art and improve the sprite art sure but I am afraid to add more complex enemy bullet patterns I might make the game too hard.
I shall try adding more weapons and experimenting but I am open to suggestions